Rose Quartz Simple Pendant Necklace


A simple rose quartz drop on a fine cord. Drops are all individual and slightly different, but similar in size and shape approx 14mm X 8mm. Cord colours are grey or dusty pink, please specify colour wanted.

Handmade in New Zealand, this is a fine short necklace (40cm) suitable for young women and delicate frames. No metals have been used on this necklace, instead a simple loop and fresh water pearl button are used to “clasp” the necklace.

Comes on Shellshock card with product description, and with accompanying cards detailing the signifificance of the materials used.

Rose quartz- attracts love, calming,soothing, stabilises emotions, aids forgiveness.

Fresh Water Pearl-cultivated in mussel shells, believed to tap inner wisdom, nurture love.

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