Turquoise Pendant Necklace


Each one is unique and different, and varies in size from approx 35-45mm long, and are all approx 25 mm wide, but the shapes vary, as seen on the group photo.

As these are larger pendant drops than our other semi precious drops they have been threaded on a slightly thicker cord, and are slightly longer at approx 42 cm, but the pendant is still the main attraction here.

Handmade in New Zealand. No metals have been used on this necklace, instead a simple loop and turquoise button are used to “clasp” the necklace.

Comes on Shellshock card with product description, and with accompanying cards detailing the signifificance of the materials used.

Turquoise-stone of protection, and a good luck charm for health and abundance, helps to re-align energy centres, clearing the path to a higher consciousness

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