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since 1982
Shellshock jewellery

Find a Little Piece of Sunshine

We have recently re-opened on Ponsonby Rd. Shellshock is well known for offering an eclectic range of high quality, affordable fashion jewellery and sunglasses.We complement manufacturing on-site with importing exclusive non branded ranges

Shellshock trades from a gorgeous location at 281 Ponsonby Rd, Three Lamps, Ponsonby.
Originally started in 1982 whilst owner Merete Molving was living overseas, Shellshock became well known in Auckland through various outlets and markets before opening the original store on Ponsonby Rd in 1989.
Catering to a broad age range and varied tastes, the emphasis at Shellshock has always been to offer high quality and unique pieces at affordable prices, this has been facilitated by Merete’s broad knowledge of the industry thanks to her many years in the industry and much overseas travel sourcing stock.
As well as importing unique pieces Shellshock has always manufactured it’s own range on-site, a practice which has always been integral to our ethos and continues with Kate Hunter still collaborating with Merete and creating our in house range. Kate first started this journey in 2002, and is an indispensable part of the Shellshock family.
Kate’s husband Paul X Walsh designed and executed the gorgeous Rousseau inspired mural featured on our back wall
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